We understand playtesting with internal groups can be stressful and that you may end up with metrics that may look good, but do not provide you with the most accurate data that will ultimately aid you in making the best decisions.  As you may know, having the same groups playtest your games each time can skew the results because of bias' towards your games.  Why not playtest your game with our extraordinary playtest teams so you can get the critical feedback you're looking for? Our membership is bursting with experienced gamers who have years of experience with various games from various genres under their belts.  Based on your criteria, our highly qualified staff will guide the team through a playtest of your game.  Throughout the playtest, our staff will aid our members in completing a questionnaire to ensure that you get the information you need to make your game production-ready.  We also understand the need for privacy in these cases, so rest assured that our non-disclosure agreements will guarantee that your vital information will remain secret.

Playtest Service Packages

Standard Playtest: Your game will be playtested at one of our locations for one night.

Premier Playtest: We playtest your game with our pre-organized and hand-selected team of highly qualified, experienced playtesters for a more detailed analysis.

Monthly Event: Your game will be featured or playtested at a larger all-day monthly event.

Playtest Tour: Your game will be playtested at a different location each week for 4 weeks.

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